Your wedding.  The big day.  The happiest day of your life.  They’re words of great responsibility for the future so lets be honest from the get go.  The way you dress for the day should make way for your bride to be the center of attention, but we can still help you do that and be the best dressed guy in the room.

Weddings these days differ widely in terms of formality, many still traditional, some in the middle and some casual affairs wearing linen on a beach some place far away.  We’ve compiled a list of classic wedding ties suited more at the mid to formal end of the scale to make choosing your outfit for the day one step easier.  Shop the stock wedding ties HERE


If you want something extra special and have around 8 weeks up your sleeve, we can also make wedding ties to order with special touches such as embroidering the date on the keeper and custom lengths and widths.  Contact us for more information on this service.  We also offer bulk discounts for wedding parties for orders over 4 ties.